Parkrun: where we all run our own race…

I do so love Parkrun. I’ve completed 43 on 3 different courses and all of which have had the same thing in common – they’re all about people trying to achieve their own personal goals and feel good. They are always full of happy positive encouraging people, from the runners to the marshals and supporters who cheer everyone on.

No one comes last at a Parkrun as there’s always a Tailwalker and no one is ever told they can’t join in. Run, walk, crawl – sprint it like Usain Bolt or plod along with your dog in tow, everyone is welcome.

  • Are you trying to get a PB? Good luck to you, let’s hope you smash that target!
  • Is your focus on trying to get physically fit? Good on you, keep on going!
  • Are you participating to help your mental health and feel better about yourself? We think you’re great, welcome welcome!
  • Are you meeting up with friends and enjoying the experience together? Perfect, have fun!
  • Is this something you’re doing with your family to give you quality time? What a great idea, enjoy!

Last week I went to my local Parkrun and it was such a jolly affair. It’s going to be a few weeks before I can go again so in the meantime I wrote a little ditty…


Happy chatter fills the air, colourful t-shirts everywhere;

Let’s limber up, jog on the spot, muscles loose, we’re ready to trot;

The hooter sounds and off we go, watches set, faces a glow;

Some legs are fast, they really Race, others take a more leisurely pace;

Are you quick or are you slow? No one cares just GO GO GO!

Marshals cheer as we run by, “You can do it!” They all cry;

We reach the finish, cross the line, grins all round and feeling fine 😃



Iris, Iris oh so proud, vivid, rich and velvety smooth

Purple, yellow bright and true, brings a smile and my soul does soothe

In the bleak midsummer…

This sunshine is rather lovely, it makes my freckles smile

I like to walk along the beach and paddle for a while

But my garden isn’t happy, the flowers droop and cry

The grass like hay is yellowing and oh so very dry

It’s the heat you see that’s hurtful, that causes such distress

The plants can’t get to breathe at all and so they are a mess

Too hot to fly in the sunshine, even the shade is warm

Bees and Butterflies gently wilt, what’s needed is a storm

But the rain clouds do not gather, the sky? It remains clear

So I do my best to help out and raise a little cheer

I water every morning time, I water every night

I water in the midday sun, I’ll not give up the fight

Until my plants can dance again and sway in the cool breeze

Until the grass is green again and happy are the bees 🐝

Fiery joy in the garden…

Riotous fire

Spreads between the calm cool green leaves

Bringing to life the garden with joyful happiness

Loving the garden at the moment: marigolds, snapdragons, nemesia and YES! the Dahlias grew back…soooo happy.

The hydrangea is starting to bloom but not yet showing it’s purple pedigree and the pale pink rambling rose has dropped its petals and I await it’s second flourish which will come soon.

So for now my garden is a fiery mass of yellows and oranges which shine joyfully bright in the beautiful sun.

A morning run…

The thought it popped

into my mind and then it pounded

until I agreed

With trainers laced

I stepped out of my comfort zone

and started the run

Mornings are not

my cuppa tea I prefer my bed

and my warm duvet

But off I went

down the road whilst the birds tweeted

happy in their trees

The sun it peeped

from behind the horizon shining

it’s cheery hello

A milkman whistled

as he swung his bottles and waved

As I plodded by

A dog walked

it’s person along sniffing scents of

the wonderous world

My senses calmed

My heart began to sing and dance

and I felt alive

A Spring morning in my garden…

The sun rises and casts its golden light and birds begin their cheerful serenade

The green green grass twinkles with dew and buds are gently coaxed open

I sit with my mug of tea and quietly sip, pondering the day ahead whilst the world around me awakes

I feel at peace

With a hey, and a ho, and a hey nonino…

Spring in bloom is a wonderful thing

The sights, the smells are sweet and fresh

The colours bold, bright and oh so cheery

The birds sing with happiness and energy renewed xx

I feel like my garden is a mess if I’m honest, we’ve badgers who’ve come to stay and are ripping up the lawn and smashing the fence panels; as a result the lawn is SO lumpy and with this ridiculously unsettled weather I’ve not been able to mow it so the grass is long and shaggy and so the garden looks unloved…but it’s not I promise you!

I have recently planted some Lupins and a yellow plant whose name I’ve instantly forgotten (I know I’m hopeless!) – small but with potential! I’ve potted up some pansies and a dahlia and some trailing lobelia …Looking forward to seeing all these bloom!

My camellia and rosemary are growing nicely and I’ve even used the latter in my cooking (I’ve always wanted to use garden herbs in my cooking so this pleases me greatly! 😊). My favourite plants in the garden at the moment are my new Azalea- wow! Hot pink and gorgeous!! and my lilac tree – my dad gave me a small cutting and it’s taken 2 years but look! It’s got buds ready to open…canNOT wait to see the flowers and smell the fresh sweet scent of lilac on the breeze.

Spring is definitely alive in my messy overgrown but oh so very loved garden and the birds they do sing…ding a ding ding xx