Mowing the lawn shows how your brain works!!

Finally…finally!! I managed to get out there and mow the lawn – it’s going to need another one if not two goes to get it looking good but oh myyy it looks SO much better now it’s had a jolly good trim!

When my husband mows the garden he does so in neat lines. Up and down he goes, methodical, ordered – a very practical approach. He’d probably not get awarded the Wimbledon contract but he certainly always finishes the lawn nicely and makes the job look easy!

Me?? Well, look I tried, I really did, but I found myself mowing a couple of lines then veering off ‘just to get that bit by the shed finished’ then ‘ooh I’ve missed a spot!’ So back over to where I started…I’d get back on track and then something would distract me and I’d be ‘well I’ll just sort out under the Apple tree since I’m here’!!

But hey look, the end result was ok…it’s just that the method rather more chaotic – rather like me!!

This reminded me very of a video I’d been shown about differences between men and women’s minds…it made me giggle- I hope it raises a smile for you too!

Whether you approach your day methodically or via tangents galore…I wish you a lovely day xx

A Spring morning in my garden…

The sun rises and casts its golden light and birds begin their cheerful serenade

The green green grass twinkles with dew and buds are gently coaxed open

I sit with my mug of tea and quietly sip, pondering the day ahead whilst the world around me awakes

I feel at peace

With a hey, and a ho, and a hey nonino…

Spring in bloom is a wonderful thing

The sights, the smells are sweet and fresh

The colours bold, bright and oh so cheery

The birds sing with happiness and energy renewed xx

I feel like my garden is a mess if I’m honest, we’ve badgers who’ve come to stay and are ripping up the lawn and smashing the fence panels; as a result the lawn is SO lumpy and with this ridiculously unsettled weather I’ve not been able to mow it so the grass is long and shaggy and so the garden looks unloved…but it’s not I promise you!

I have recently planted some Lupins and a yellow plant whose name I’ve instantly forgotten (I know I’m hopeless!) – small but with potential! I’ve potted up some pansies and a dahlia and some trailing lobelia …Looking forward to seeing all these bloom!

My camellia and rosemary are growing nicely and I’ve even used the latter in my cooking (I’ve always wanted to use garden herbs in my cooking so this pleases me greatly! 😊). My favourite plants in the garden at the moment are my new Azalea- wow! Hot pink and gorgeous!! and my lilac tree – my dad gave me a small cutting and it’s taken 2 years but look! It’s got buds ready to open…canNOT wait to see the flowers and smell the fresh sweet scent of lilac on the breeze.

Spring is definitely alive in my messy overgrown but oh so very loved garden and the birds they do sing…ding a ding ding xx

My kit bag’s packed…

rugby kit

Before a rugby match is a tense time for me…


My kit bag’s packed,

and checked:

Boots …

Gumshield …

Yep, that’s all I need


My skin tingles,

and legs are fidgety

My mind is racing,

I’m feeling nauseous


I look at the clock,

count the minutes

I pace the room,

then sit and wiggle my toes

I look at the clock again,

count the minutes


My kit bag’s packed,

I’ve checked:



Yep, that’s all I need


Let’s go!


Arrive at the clubhouse,

meet the ladies with a smile

Crack a joke

and hide the nerves


Laughter and chatting,

fill the changing room

Friendships made

on the pitch are strong


I look at the clock,

and count the minutes

The countdown’s on,

it’s nearly time


Boots are laced,

and numbers put on

We run out on the pitch

and huddle close


Adrenaline is pumping,

my skin is tingling

and my mind is focused,

I’m feeling excited


Let’s go!



Believing in tomorrow…

The sun shone and the birds were singing brightly so it was time to get out and tidy up the garden…I weeded and dug and raked and weeded.

After an hour or so whilst I was looking disheveled and exhausted the garden was looking refreshed!

The recent snow and ice has killed off several of my plants and it definitely hasn’t helped my hanging baskets!

I haven’t taken them down yet – they’re just about hanging on in there but the prognosis isn’t great I’m afraid…we’ll see, we’ll see…at least the irises in the window box are pushing on through finding the sunshine.

My rose is already sprouting it’s new leaves and buds are forming. A new Azalea has been planted in a rather splendid terracotta pot (I forgot to take a photo though #fail) but I did capture this beauty which has bloomed and persevered through the chilly weather…how gorgeous hey?!

I’ve planned a new herb plot and am thinking of digging out a new flower bed by the apple tree…I do find all the planning as much fun as the actual gardening itself!

There are so many quotes about gardening, flowers, nature and love…but I think this one sums me up nicely…

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” Audrey Hepburn.

Finally got my hands dirty again…

Hurrah!! The sun managed to shine this arvo and I managed to actually be at home so I could get out in my garden and make the most of it!

The lawn still needs mowing, I just couldn’t quite muster the energy (it’s been a long week…but that’s another story!) although on the plus side it looks a lush green at the mo. so I’m not too worried (ask me next week tho I’m bound to be stressed out by it by then!) but I did manage to trim back the ceanothus, tidy up the flower bed with a modicum of weeding and then…drum roll please…… I planted!!

Now, yes I grant you that it doesn’t sound a massively outstanding achievement to be planting when I’m gardening, but the context is that I’ve had two plants and 4 packs of bulbs sat on my kitchen side for, oooh about 3 weeks, and due to a variety of reasons I’d not got them out there into my garden and I think they were probably losing the will to live…

So now they are nicely tucked up in the ground, surrounded by a little compost and rather a lot of worms…I found about 6 today whilst digging…oooh I love a wiggly worm!!! This confuses my fella – he doesn’t understand this as I’m petrified of snakes and they’re just as wiggly- but as I’ve pointed out worms improve the quality of the soil and therefore are beneficial to my garden and also don’t have teeth or eyes to scare me with – whilst snakes do not help my garden and do scare me MASSIVELY!!

Annnnnyhoot, back to planting….and here lie the bulbs and plants…

I know this patch of earth doesn’t look like much at the mo but from March is should be a mass of colour with blue Irises, white Crocuses, mixed yellows of Daffodils and the lush purple of Aliums…I’m testing my patience once more and crossing my fingers that those worms do their job right!!

In the meantime, the fennel is looking good, the Cosmos has grown, the Dahlias are still stunning and the mint is growing out of its pot!!

Happy, happy days 😊

If you’re feeling a bit low, or tired or in need of a pick me up I recommend getting your hands dirty…it cheers the soul xx

The Cosmos has flowered!!


It’s true, the Cosmos has deigned to flower…finally! It’s only two blooms but there’s plenty more buds swelling and almost ready to burst open.

The bright pink contrasts magnificently with the mainly green foliage in the beds and the sunshine yellow Dahlias. I do love gardens with a colour scheme – pastels here, bright colours there, mixed evergreens somewhere else – it always looks beautiful, classy…but I have to admit that for me my favourite scheme is just a riot of rainbow colours everywhere!

The Violas I planted a few weeks back are growing and have flowered nicely…today they sparkled like little jewels in the autumn sunshine.

There’s a few bits and bobs to do in the garden now that Autumn has arrived and I have my list of jobs for the weekend:

  • Prune the roses
  • Weed the flower bed and gravel
  • Mow the lawn (if the rain holds off)
  • General tidying of the pots
  • Sow some Allium my lovely neighbour Liz has bought me – purple too, my fave!

I’m watching Gardners World and the mighty green-fingered Monty Don is telling me to plant Hellebores, Pulmonaria and Corydalis (never heard of them but I’ll believe Monty that these are actually plants – after all he’s a genius in the garden) as these will apparently give me spring blues and pinks. Sounds wonderful so I feel a little trip to the garden centre might be on the cards this weekend too!

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, I hope it’s filled with sunshine and that you’re able to spend time in your happy place too xx