Be a first rate version of yourself…

I recently came across a wonderful quote by Judy Garland and it got me thinking…

There are over 7billion people on this planet…when we think about it we know hardly any of them…and yet with social media it often feels like we know so many! We see all the wonderful things that others are doing and their lives are always so positive and perfect…it’s easy to think that they don’t have traumas and troubles and bad days because it’s more of a reality that we rarely share these difficulties with the world. We can lose sight of that and see the world as greener on the other side, become tempted into thinking that we should be what and who others are too – but this isn’t so.

We are all unique – we have similar goals to others it’s true, similar ideals maybe and similar passions for sure…but each of us are ourselves and ONLY ourselves – no one else.

Yes, I understand being inspired by others – I am inspired by many people…some whom I know personally and many who are more in the public eye. However, do I wish I was someone else with someone else’s life? No.

Would I like to be able to shimmy like Shakira or move with the elegance and grace of Darcey Bussell for example? Of course! Unfortunately I’ve been blessed with two left feet and the ability to only really pogo on the dance floor or feel at home in a mosh pit! But this doesn’t stop me from getting on the dance floor for a bit of grooving, jigging, jiving and everything in between – I know that I’m not going to be winning awards but I go out, don’t worry about it and just have fun!

Would I like to write engaging, insightful unputtdownable stories like JK Rowling, Harper Lee and Sir Terry Pratchett? You betcha! In my head there are a million stories..I make them up as I walk to work or run along the prom…I use my observations and experiences to create characters and one day, one day, I’ll write some of this down. Until then, they remain the stories of my mind…but I write them every day nevertheless.

Would I like to play rugby like Marlie Packer or run like Dame Kelly Holmes? Damn right I would! …and although I’ve left it very late in the day, and I’m never going to reach their dizzying heights of skill and international representation, I work as hard as I can to push myself to and beyond my limits in these sports…to be the best that I can be.

And that’s it for me…these people inspire me, I aspire to be ‘like’ them, but not BE them…I strive to follow their example of dedication, passion, self belief and determination- to try and be the best in what I do as far as my own abilities will take me.

I don’t wish my life was theirs for that would be to forget the joy and beauty in having my family, my friends, of being in my world. NO! I would not change being me even when it’s tough and even when I have to admit that I can’t dance!

May you too be joyful in being yourself, in being inspired by others but keeping your value of your own self-identify. May you never lose sight of how magnificent you are and can be – and may you always want to be YOU xx

A morning run…

The thought it popped

into my mind and then it pounded

until I agreed

With trainers laced

I stepped out of my comfort zone

and started the run

Mornings are not

my cuppa tea I prefer my bed

and my warm duvet

But off I went

down the road whilst the birds tweeted

happy in their trees

The sun it peeped

from behind the horizon shining

it’s cheery hello

A milkman whistled

as he swung his bottles and waved

As I plodded by

A dog walked

it’s person along sniffing scents of

the wonderous world

My senses calmed

My heart began to sing and dance

and I felt alive