Mowing the lawn shows how your brain works!!

Finally…finally!! I managed to get out there and mow the lawn – it’s going to need another one if not two goes to get it looking good but oh myyy it looks SO much better now it’s had a jolly good trim!

When my husband mows the garden he does so in neat lines. Up and down he goes, methodical, ordered – a very practical approach. He’d probably not get awarded the Wimbledon contract but he certainly always finishes the lawn nicely and makes the job look easy!

Me?? Well, look I tried, I really did, but I found myself mowing a couple of lines then veering off ‘just to get that bit by the shed finished’ then ‘ooh I’ve missed a spot!’ So back over to where I started…I’d get back on track and then something would distract me and I’d be ‘well I’ll just sort out under the Apple tree since I’m here’!!

But hey look, the end result was ok…it’s just that the method rather more chaotic – rather like me!!

This reminded me very of a video I’d been shown about differences between men and women’s minds…it made me giggle- I hope it raises a smile for you too!

Whether you approach your day methodically or via tangents galore…I wish you a lovely day xx

A Spring morning in my garden…

The sun rises and casts its golden light and birds begin their cheerful serenade

The green green grass twinkles with dew and buds are gently coaxed open

I sit with my mug of tea and quietly sip, pondering the day ahead whilst the world around me awakes

I feel at peace