With a hey, and a ho, and a hey nonino…

Spring in bloom is a wonderful thing

The sights, the smells are sweet and fresh

The colours bold, bright and oh so cheery

The birds sing with happiness and energy renewed xx

I feel like my garden is a mess if I’m honest, we’ve badgers who’ve come to stay and are ripping up the lawn and smashing the fence panels; as a result the lawn is SO lumpy and with this ridiculously unsettled weather I’ve not been able to mow it so the grass is long and shaggy and so the garden looks unloved…but it’s not I promise you!

I have recently planted some Lupins and a yellow plant whose name I’ve instantly forgotten (I know I’m hopeless!) – small but with potential! I’ve potted up some pansies and a dahlia and some trailing lobelia …Looking forward to seeing all these bloom!

My camellia and rosemary are growing nicely and I’ve even used the latter in my cooking (I’ve always wanted to use garden herbs in my cooking so this pleases me greatly! 😊). My favourite plants in the garden at the moment are my new Azalea- wow! Hot pink and gorgeous!! and my lilac tree – my dad gave me a small cutting and it’s taken 2 years but look! It’s got buds ready to open…canNOT wait to see the flowers and smell the fresh sweet scent of lilac on the breeze.

Spring is definitely alive in my messy overgrown but oh so very loved garden and the birds they do sing…ding a ding ding xx