Believing in tomorrow…

The sun shone and the birds were singing brightly so it was time to get out and tidy up the garden…I weeded and dug and raked and weeded.

After an hour or so whilst I was looking disheveled and exhausted the garden was looking refreshed!

The recent snow and ice has killed off several of my plants and it definitely hasn’t helped my hanging baskets!

I haven’t taken them down yet – they’re just about hanging on in there but the prognosis isn’t great I’m afraid…we’ll see, we’ll see…at least the irises in the window box are pushing on through finding the sunshine.

My rose is already sprouting it’s new leaves and buds are forming. A new Azalea has been planted in a rather splendid terracotta pot (I forgot to take a photo though #fail) but I did capture this beauty which has bloomed and persevered through the chilly weather…how gorgeous hey?!

I’ve planned a new herb plot and am thinking of digging out a new flower bed by the apple tree…I do find all the planning as much fun as the actual gardening itself!

There are so many quotes about gardening, flowers, nature and love…but I think this one sums me up nicely…

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” Audrey Hepburn.


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