My kit bag’s packed…

rugby kit

Before a rugby match is a tense time for me…


My kit bag’s packed,

and checked:

Boots …

Gumshield …

Yep, that’s all I need


My skin tingles,

and legs are fidgety

My mind is racing,

I’m feeling nauseous


I look at the clock,

count the minutes

I pace the room,

then sit and wiggle my toes

I look at the clock again,

count the minutes


My kit bag’s packed,

I’ve checked:



Yep, that’s all I need


Let’s go!


Arrive at the clubhouse,

meet the ladies with a smile

Crack a joke

and hide the nerves


Laughter and chatting,

fill the changing room

Friendships made

on the pitch are strong


I look at the clock,

and count the minutes

The countdown’s on,

it’s nearly time


Boots are laced,

and numbers put on

We run out on the pitch

and huddle close


Adrenaline is pumping,

my skin is tingling

and my mind is focused,

I’m feeling excited


Let’s go!



Listening to my angel sing…

Long story short:

I went, I ran, I conquered!

London Landmarks Half Marathon done…Aimed for 3:00, hoped for 2:30 and achieved 2:28:34 with a cheeky sprint at the end too!

My first half marathon completed – a goal for 2018 achieved.


Long story long:

I shall tell you about the high fives from all the #yellowsweatband runners, the smiles and encouraging words from other runners, the fantastic supporters banging their drums, dancing, singing, cheering us on! I shall tell you how this kept me going especially during mile 7-8 which seemed to stretch to infinity and beyond.

toy story run

I shall tell you how, when I stumbled and nearly took out all the runners around me (mile 1 really started SO well!) they held me up so I didn’t fall and off we went again!

I shall tell you about miles 10-12 when I was in my own private hell only to look up and see the hubster cheering me on, spurring me on to a quicker finish than I’d thought possible (still makes me quite emotional thinking back to how much support he showed me, how much faith he had in me that I could do this race – this race that I, even at the start, was worried I might not be able to complete without walking).

sprint finish

(please note the face of sheer determination as I sprinted for the finish line – I promise I was smiling on the inside!)

All the way through my training – I kept in mind the following quote from Ayn Rand “The question isn’t who is going to let me; the question is who is going to stop me”. So often the person who stops us is ourselves; we fret, we frown, we don’t believe in ourselves and we listen to that negative demon on our shoulder who whispers in our ear and says we are not good enough. We ignore the angel on the other shoulder who says “yes you can”, the angel that tells us to flap our wings and trust that we will fly…

We need to give our angel the opportunity to sing louder to us than the demon; for it is their voice, their words, their songs which can inspire us to achieve our dreams. We all have an angel singing to us, we just need to learn to start listening…because when we do, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

I am reminded me of a beautiful poem by Erin Hanson, called “What if I fall?”…

what if i fall

Check out Erin Hanson’s website here:


Believing in tomorrow…

The sun shone and the birds were singing brightly so it was time to get out and tidy up the garden…I weeded and dug and raked and weeded.

After an hour or so whilst I was looking disheveled and exhausted the garden was looking refreshed!

The recent snow and ice has killed off several of my plants and it definitely hasn’t helped my hanging baskets!

I haven’t taken them down yet – they’re just about hanging on in there but the prognosis isn’t great I’m afraid…we’ll see, we’ll see…at least the irises in the window box are pushing on through finding the sunshine.

My rose is already sprouting it’s new leaves and buds are forming. A new Azalea has been planted in a rather splendid terracotta pot (I forgot to take a photo though #fail) but I did capture this beauty which has bloomed and persevered through the chilly weather…how gorgeous hey?!

I’ve planned a new herb plot and am thinking of digging out a new flower bed by the apple tree…I do find all the planning as much fun as the actual gardening itself!

There are so many quotes about gardening, flowers, nature and love…but I think this one sums me up nicely…

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” Audrey Hepburn.