Four seasons in one day…

Today it rained, snowed, hailed and blew a biting stinging wind – did this bother us? Oh no it did not!!

We Ladies of Swans RFC laced up our boots, ran out on that pitch and played our hearts out!

The sun saw our passion and decided to join us, warming our ears and hands which were red and frozen with the cold. It was an afternoon of glorious fun! We rucked and mauled in the mud mud mud – oh boy there was MUD!We tackled, ripped, kicked and ran our legs off up and down the pitch… our scrummaging would have made the England Red Roses proud 🌹 We won the day 31-10, our first win ever! These are what Sunday’s are all about – good friends, good fun and rugby… happy happy days 😊

(Oh and I scored too 😉😊)

Here’s hoping you all had a lovely Sunday too…

I found this beautiful song the other day. Today the title is apt and the words are lovely – may we all find that someone or something to love ‘come rain or come shine’…


Platform 3: 5mins in the life of…

A view from my carriage window.

A girl running, long black hair streaming behind. Coffee in hand, she gasps at the top of the stairs, gathers herself and steps calmly aboard, relief on her face.

The couple scour the map, fingers tracing the intersecting lines. Animated whispers, shakes of the heads. The man straightens, a decision made, as one, they turn and head to the coffee shop.

He shivers, the cold wind nipping at his cheeks, turning them red. Pulling his grey cardigan close to his body, his gloved hands fumble with the buttons. Giving up, the boy wraps his arms around himself, hands tucked in tight.

She struts and waddles, impervious to the cold, pecking at scraps. Another flutters to her side but he finds no welcome. Feathers ruffle, the intruder flies away, this pigeon remains queen of her platform.