A tale of two matches…

I’m mad about rugby, it’s true…it seems I’m getting more obsessed as I get older but I always think we should find at least one true passion in life and follow it with gusto…and so I’m embracing the madness and, as they say, ‘Bring It On!’

I’ve not played a full on competitive rugby match in a long time and this week I experienced two very different matches.

I’ve played for a VERY good team who uncompromisingly smashed the opposition 65-0 and I’ve played for a development (beginner) side who lost to an experienced opposition 67-27.

I’ve played Second Row which is my usual position and although I didn’t think I had my best game I must’ve done something right as I got ‘Forward of the Match’ (yes I’m very happy about that!!)

Then I’ve played Inside Centre…which my coach seems to think should be my position…it certainly took me out of my comfort zone, but hey that’s kinda what we have to do to improve I suppose!

Both teams I played for are full of amazing, talented, fierce and fabulous women – the positivity of each, the teamwork ethos of both sides was a joy to experience.

I’ve realised that regardless of the level of game, regardless of my position and no matter what the result ends up being, what I’ve missed is the game itself and playing with such positive people.

I’ve missed the thrill of running out onto the pitch with my team, the tight ball of fear in my stomach that I’m going to cock up and trying to unravel that with the confidence training brings knowing I just have to play how I train (I’m always better in training!!).

I’ve missed picking & driving, smashing the maul, making those valuable metres! I’ve missed passing the ball out wide and watching my teams speedy backs sprint off (although the down side to that is that means I have to follow and I’m usually knackered by then with legs like lumps of lead! – but I’ve missed that too!!) There’s nothing quite like the grunt of the scrum and the rush of adrenaline when you smash the tackle (and yes having that momentary flicker of relief that it worked!!)

I’ve missed seeing my teammates all powered up and ready to rock; feeling that sense of pride in them and in being part of that team.

Ahh man I’ve loved this week!!

I hope you have found your passion and even more so that your week has been filled with the joy of it xx


3 thoughts on “A tale of two matches…

  1. I love rugby! It doesn’t get enough attention here in North America, but it’s definitely an entertaining sport. And the level of sportsmanship shown is refreshing, compared to other sports.

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