Finally got my hands dirty again…

Hurrah!! The sun managed to shine this arvo and I managed to actually be at home so I could get out in my garden and make the most of it!

The lawn still needs mowing, I just couldn’t quite muster the energy (it’s been a long week…but that’s another story!) although on the plus side it looks a lush green at the mo. so I’m not too worried (ask me next week tho I’m bound to be stressed out by it by then!) but I did manage to trim back the ceanothus, tidy up the flower bed with a modicum of weeding and then…drum roll please…… I planted!!

Now, yes I grant you that it doesn’t sound a massively outstanding achievement to be planting when I’m gardening, but the context is that I’ve had two plants and 4 packs of bulbs sat on my kitchen side for, oooh about 3 weeks, and due to a variety of reasons I’d not got them out there into my garden and I think they were probably losing the will to live…

So now they are nicely tucked up in the ground, surrounded by a little compost and rather a lot of worms…I found about 6 today whilst digging…oooh I love a wiggly worm!!! This confuses my fella – he doesn’t understand this as I’m petrified of snakes and they’re just as wiggly- but as I’ve pointed out worms improve the quality of the soil and therefore are beneficial to my garden and also don’t have teeth or eyes to scare me with – whilst snakes do not help my garden and do scare me MASSIVELY!!

Annnnnyhoot, back to planting….and here lie the bulbs and plants…

I know this patch of earth doesn’t look like much at the mo but from March is should be a mass of colour with blue Irises, white Crocuses, mixed yellows of Daffodils and the lush purple of Aliums…I’m testing my patience once more and crossing my fingers that those worms do their job right!!

In the meantime, the fennel is looking good, the Cosmos has grown, the Dahlias are still stunning and the mint is growing out of its pot!!

Happy, happy days 😊

If you’re feeling a bit low, or tired or in need of a pick me up I recommend getting your hands dirty…it cheers the soul xx


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