The Cosmos has flowered!!


It’s true, the Cosmos has deigned to flower…finally! It’s only two blooms but there’s plenty more buds swelling and almost ready to burst open.

The bright pink contrasts magnificently with the mainly green foliage in the beds and the sunshine yellow Dahlias. I do love gardens with a colour scheme – pastels here, bright colours there, mixed evergreens somewhere else – it always looks beautiful, classy…but I have to admit that for me my favourite scheme is just a riot of rainbow colours everywhere!

The Violas I planted a few weeks back are growing and have flowered nicely…today they sparkled like little jewels in the autumn sunshine.

There’s a few bits and bobs to do in the garden now that Autumn has arrived and I have my list of jobs for the weekend:

  • Prune the roses
  • Weed the flower bed and gravel
  • Mow the lawn (if the rain holds off)
  • General tidying of the pots
  • Sow some Allium my lovely neighbour Liz has bought me – purple too, my fave!

I’m watching Gardners World and the mighty green-fingered Monty Don is telling me to plant Hellebores, Pulmonaria and Corydalis (never heard of them but I’ll believe Monty that these are actually plants – after all he’s a genius in the garden) as these will apparently give me spring blues and pinks. Sounds wonderful so I feel a little trip to the garden centre might be on the cards this weekend too!

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, I hope it’s filled with sunshine and that you’re able to spend time in your happy place too xx


3 thoughts on “The Cosmos has flowered!!

  1. The cosmos will probably self-seed and you’ll have more next year. Good old Monty – I’d not heard of Corydalis (well, the plant looked familiar but I didn’t know what it was called!) but we have lots of hellebores and pulmonaria. Both will self-seed prolifically which is fine if that’s what you like – I love it. Pulmonaria is one of the earliest things to flower so the bees will love you for it 😉 There’s a lot of different hellebores which flower at different times and we’ve found the most vigorous to be the green-flowered ones – they also self seed the most readily, I’ve got seedlings everywhere. If you ever want free plants I’m a good person to know!

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    • I’m off to the garden centre today to see what I can find… I do like self-seeders and I’m always keen to help the bees out so Pulmonaria sound like just the ticket! Thanks for the advice on hellebores xx
      Hope your garden is keeping you smiling this Autumn 😊

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