Inner Warrior found…

Rugby season is upon us…

To be honest even when it’s not it still is…as there’s summer training and Touch Rugby to keep your hands sweet if you fancy…rugby season is never far away.

If that isn’t enough, this summer we had the joy of the Women’s World Cup – an absolutely brilliant competition. I was blown away by how well the women of the world showed they could bring it and play this amazing game with such heart & skill. I’m still feeling the loss for the Red Roses but I know they’ll bounce back and in the meantime wow! what an inspiration to SO many women and girls out there…

This weekend saw the start of the Premiership with a Double Header at England HQ – good ol’ Twickenham – and what a great spectacle it was! My team – the mighty MIGHTY Quins – lost but that didn’t stop the fun!!

The noise in the stadium is amazing – the chants and choruses of everso slightly (and in some cases not so slightly) rude songs reverberate around the stands and have everyone joining in, stamping their feet, waving their hands about like slightly crazed cheerleaders but without the pom-poms!!

…and when your team does a great play, when there’s a ‘BOOM’ tackle or there’s a TRRRRRYYYYY!!! Well, the whole stadium just erupts and it’s magnificent!


For us mere mortals, the amateurs in this best of sports, the real work started in earnest this weekend – the blood, sweat and tears – yep they’re all here already!!

With a family crammed to the rafters of rugby players, my nostrils are already filled with the aroma of sweaty socks, the car is full of mud, my washing machine is working overtime on the wet stinky kit brought back and our calendar has been filled with fixtures every Sunday from now until what seems like the end of time!!

I hung up my boots at the end of last season and convinced myself I was going to just be ‘parent & supporter’ – yeah ok!!

So, two Inner Warrior events later and I’m out there with a new team smashing the rucks, mauls and scrums!! I’m battered, bruised, aching all over and am totally exhausted – YESSS! It’s rugby season and I love it!!

I CAN said THIS Inner Warrior!


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