Mowing the moguls…

Well, hasn’t it been a most marvellous bank holiday weekend here in ol’ Blighty? I hope you’ve all had a truly lovely time xx

The sun has been shining brightly and my garden has been glowing!

I finally got the lawn mowed – it’s no Wimbledon Centre Court, it’s not even outer court 12…but it’s good and it’s green – mostly!

We live on abit of a hill and the lawn slopes – which in itself isn’t an issue but it’s all abit lumpy and bumpy…mowing it is a bit like skiing over moguls but without the adrenaline rush!! My arms were killing me after hanging onto that mower over every blessed bump…I’m surprised my biceps are not the size of Popeye’s after his spinach that’s for sure!

To be honest it’s not mown level – I have to admit it’s a bit uneven with the odd long blade hanging on for dear life here and there…in fact it puts me in mind of the time I tried to shave my boys hair with clippers – a long story but suffice to say they’d always hated the hairdressers, it seemed a good idea at the time and immediately afterwards they begged me to let them go back to the hairdressers and have never moaned since at doing so! (definitely a #fail moment!)

But hey ho, it got done and if you don’t look too closely it looks ok!

I’ve replanted the hanging baskets for Autumn with some pretty violas and a silver plant whose name I have instantly forgotten (for shame for shame!!) and am hoping they’ll bush up and look good through to winter…fingers crossed.

The Cosmos is still resolute in its mood to remain unbloomed (how utterly obstinate can you get?! I mean with this beautiful sunshine you’d think they’d come out to play hey?!) Well, the Cosmos could do with taking a hint from my second Dahlia plant which has suddenly exploded with flowers and more buds ready to open too…

Some wild flowers have sprung up which are rather pretty – not quite sure what they all are but they’re giving my garden a good bit of zing and I love them!

The Chillies are coming along nicely, I may try one or two of them this week if I can find a decent recipe and even the Mint is still looking perky which is all rather fabulous.

Yes, all in all, my garden remains a little jewel of happiness for me this summer and on Sunday I sat with a new book and a glass of vino…

…aaaand relax ๐Ÿ˜Š


5 thoughts on “Mowing the moguls…

  1. Cosmos normally flowers its head off! Your silver foliage plant is Cineraria ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I’m still thinking about some of those wildflowers. Top right is fennel and bottom right look like field poppies, though. (Sorry – I’m Mrs Plant Identifier at work, too, people show me photos on their phones and I either know what they are or can make an educated guess!)

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    • I did think the poppies were probably poppies but didnt know about Fennel…thanks for the ID’ing ๐Ÿ‘
      Of course now secret is out! I shall now be coming to you with all my plant ID queries!
      I know what you mean about Cosmos…I can’t figure it out so hopefully they’ll just be late bloomers! ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‰

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      • We have a self-seeded fennel that comes up in one of our flower beds every year. I should really use the foliage for something but it’s best on white fish and Hubby doesn’t really eat fish much so we rarely have it.


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