Conflicted feelings over caterpillars of the vomiting kind…

Caterpillars are eating my rambling rose… they’re literally shredding the leaves but leaving the flowers and stem intact…

According to the all knowing bods at National Geographic these caterpillars are the ‘vomiting’ kind (how wonderfully pleasant) which will eventually become the white butterfly ‘Pieris brassicae’

Now I love butterflies. Flutterbyes, as my Nan called them, are beautiful, delicate and provide a harmonious colourful element to the garden environment…and I’ve been enjoying seeing flashes of white flitter and flutter around my garden… BUT I hadn’t realised that in their caterpillar form they were eating my favourite rose!

I’ve been planting wildflowers in the hopes of attracting bees and butterflies; I like to think I’m doing my bit for the environment whilst at the same time enjoying the beauty that grows…

So the rational part of me says “GREAT! You’ve ACHIEVED! You’re helping to keep the ecosystem flowing, you’re helping to encourage the butterflies and keep them alive – HURRAH!!”

…BUT another part of me goes “aarrgggghhh they’re eating my rose!!!”

I have no idea what to do – I don’t want to sacrifice my roses nor do I want to prevent the caterpillars from filling their tummies and transforming into flutterbyes…

What to do? What to do?

All advice welcome…

In the meantime, those wild flowers that I planted to attract the bees and butterflies (why couldn’t the caterpillars just stick to those eh?!) continue to smile at me

The Cosmos is still being obstinate and, on the whole, refusing to flower…but one little white bloom has now given in – so sweet…

Talking of sweet, I planted a mint today – I love the fresh sweet aroma of mint and hopefully it’ll fair better than the lavender which used to grace my egg pail but which was never the healthiest specimen despite my tlc. I found some cute glass beads that I’d been given as a Christmas present last year and they seem to look okay around the mint too (some of them are butterfly shaped again… is someone trying to tell me something here?!)

Well, this is all very nice and all that but I’m still conflicted about the caterpillars and my rose, so I’m going to go gaze at my Dahlias again…

…They bring me peace and I wish you peace too xx


2 thoughts on “Conflicted feelings over caterpillars of the vomiting kind…

  1. Looking at all of the plants and flowers fills me with joy and peace, I always love your posts. My advice on the caterpillar situation is to plant more of those same roses. They seem to attract the caterpillars. So if you want those butterflies to stay around, just provide more food. It will lead to less damage to any specific plant, but will help those caterpillars feed themselves and transform into the beautious​ creatures we know and love.

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