Hugging, NOT Leaning…

Sitting in McDonalds car park whilst I munch on my Big Tasty and sip my Coke (I know I know!! I promise to run an extra 5km this week to make up for it) and there’s a chap loitering under the umbrella’s trying not to get wet in the rain…

… I notice a silver car pull up and out climbs a young woman and, yep, she’s who that chap’s been waiting for – they hug…a proper fling your arms round, pull in tight and squeeze hug… there’s no kissing, there’s no hint of romance, there’s no leaning – nope, none at all – it’s a proper full on friendship ‘oh how I’ve missed you and it’s SO great to see you hug’. She’s red cheeked and looks like she’s going to burst with happiness and he’s laughing like a loon – they wander off into McDonalds chatting nineteen to the dozen…

A small moment of joy in this crazy world and I got to see it in a McDonalds car park.

What’s been your moment of happiness witnessed this weekend?


I love the film While You Were Sleeping; it’s witty, it’s sometimes bittersweet, there are laugh out loud moments that are just joyful and it’s observant. I hope you like this little clip…



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