PG Wodehouse was a wise fellow – flowers are indeed happy things…

YESSSS the Gladioli have finally blossomed and in a beautiful purple…my favourite colour!

The colour in my garden is fabulous at the moment, I planted marigolds this year – never tried them before as always been put off by their magnetic draw for slugs, but I gave in this year and wow! The vibrancy of the yellow and orange is amazing…planted alongside a purple/green Coleus they are stunning.

I've a flower (to my shame I don't know what it is…if you do please let me know) in my garden which is passionately red and, with the shockingly pink Hydrangea and the dashing Dahlias now in full bloom, I do believe my garden is getting more and more pretty every day …yes, yes, I know I'm bias!!

I planted out my wheelbarrow last weekend, the ivy was already growing well and I found some lovely different alpines which I hope will fill the space and look good all year…

I try to mix up the planting so there's interesting contrast between each plant even in a small area. I think this has gone okay…time will tell and of course I'm not at all impatient for this to happen!!

In the meantime, the rain's pouring again so I've retreated inside for a cuppa and maybe a biscuit or two.

Happy happy days…


One thought on “PG Wodehouse was a wise fellow – flowers are indeed happy things…

  1. Looking good! (and a lot neater than mine 😉 ) I think the red plant is a hardy lobelia, I’ve tried growing them a couple of times but without much luck, they’re very pretty though. Might have to have another go 🙂


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