Patience? I don’t have time for that, unless you’re a plant…

I like things to be done now please, thank you everso much.

If I order something off the Internet I'd like it within the stated timeframe or I'm gonna get start getting annoyed (last time I ordered kinesiology tape for my knee it should have arrived in 6 days, it took 3 months – 3 months!!! I was climbing the walls…or I would have been if my knee had not been giving out on me!)

If I'm ordering takeout – it better be here within the hour or it's not only my tummy that'll be growling.

Oh and don't even get me started on queuing…I'm quite happy to queue, in fact I've had many an enjoyable conversation with some rather interesting people when I've been queuing, but I'm not going to be happy queuing just because the person I'm waiting to see is having a good old natter with their colleague – that will just bug the &@*$ out of me – AND if you try and cut in the queue…well, they'll hear my 'tut' in the outer Hebrides!!

I admit it, I'm 'high maintenance' in the patience department.

That's one of the wonders of gardening – it's teaching me patience. There's no deadline for a plant to grow by, no set number of days before a flower will bloom and no guarantee that they'll bloom at all actually – sometimes they just sit there and no matter what you do they say 'no, nope, non, nein, just not gonna happen my friend'.

So all I can do is plant, weed, prune, clip and potter about with the vague hope that Mother Nature will take pity on me and something will grow!

For 3 months I have patiently tended a small patch of dirt; I've planted two bulbs, watered and fed them and weeded the patch. I've watched with anticipation to see if these plants will grow and oh how the patience has paid off!! These Dahlias have bloomed the most beautiful flowers and there's more to come out…I am so thrilled it's untrue!

The Gladioli I planted around the same time have yet to blossom and although the Sweet Williams have grown massively and look a luscious green they have no flowers as yet – but I'm learning to wait…I just wish they'd hurry up!


4 thoughts on “Patience? I don’t have time for that, unless you’re a plant…

  1. I love when you write posts about your garden, and the pictures are just gorgeous. I’m not much of a flower grower (yet), but I plant and grow herbs like crazy. Lavender and mint are my two absolute favorites. And keep trying with the patience thing, I have a lot of work to do on that myself, haha.


    • Thanks
      Oh herbs are lovely, lucky you. A herb garden is on my ‘to do list’ – I have a rosemary bit that’s it so far…any & all tips gratefully received.
      I’m loving my garden this year – its taking time but it’s getting there! Good luck with your flowers…I’m sure they’ll be blooming soon 🙂

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      • When it comes to herbs, the best thing to do is research on how much sun they like and how much water they like. Because they’re all very different. My favorite is lavender, but it’s one of the hardest to grow from seed. It’s prone to root rot, doesn’t like too much water, and needs partial shade. Too much sun will kill it. And it needs to be kept well pruned, as soon as flowers bloom, otherwise it won’t get bushy, it’ll stay skinny and grow taller, then die. I would start off with mint and basil, those are two of the absolute easiest. But it’s best to keep those two in pots, they like to spread.

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