Can you help me with my socks…

Trying to stay upbeat when you’ve a bad back (to the point that you cannot sit with crossed legs or bend over) is tricky…It’s not so much the pain that’s the problem as the ‘not being able to do all things you’d normally do without even thinking’.

Take for instance getting dressed…

After I’ve managed to decide what to wear (this can often take me hours – yeah I don’t know why either!) I come to the practical aspects…
Firstly underwear:

Bra? No problem – on and sorted in a trice – excellent!

Knickers? Hmmm not quite so easy – requires some complicated leg action – legs moving in a manner not usually seen unless I’m slightly inebriated on the dance floor – contortionists would be proud! But hey they’re on – hurrah! 

Hmmm not keen on any of my skirts and really not in a ‘dress’ mood as I’m off on the train (I’m looking for slouchy comfort here) so it’s going to be trousers and a shirt day…

Shirt? Fine, on and sorted – marvellous!

Trousers? Hmmm back to being a contortionist again but with a bit of jiggerypokery they are on!! YES! 

All I have to do now is choose which brogues to wear and I’m ready!

Oh hang on a minute, I need socks…

Right then…




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