Two steps forward, one step back and Do Si Do your partner


Well then, setting up this blog is slowly coming along-ish…

I’ve picked a ‘theme’ and found a colour set of purple, which is my favourite colour (hurrah!), with accents of lime green which pleases me. I seem to be drawn to lime green at the mo – it definitely brightens my mood. Not long ago I found the most beautiful materials in lime at our local scrapstore and I have made a cushion cover with some of it, teaming it with soft black velvet…niiice!! Also found some very nice kitchen accessories in lime the other day and suggested to my fella that we have that as the accent colour in our kitchen next time. “Perhaps not” was the reply…hmmm? What was I saying the other day about colours affecting people differently?! Oh well…I’ll have to work on him abit more I guess!

Back to the blog and I think I’ve worked out the ‘widgets’ and seem to have created some categories for my posts which is progress. Tagging seems to be reasonably simple to achieve and I even worked out how to embed a video in my last post – yep things are looking up.

However, I’m not yet sure how to create a gallery – does this happen automatically with pics that I include in my posts or do I need to create the gallery myself – I don’t know?? Something to find out…I’d like to join in the ‘word of the day’ thingy and I’d like to have a try at the ‘picture a week’ challenge too but those are still a little ahead of my skill set at the mo…but it will come – I’ve found a page to guide beginners so hopefully that’ll clear up those mysteries for me and soon I’ll be a blogging genius!

In the meantime, I shall carry on dancing to and fro in the corner…




One thought on “Two steps forward, one step back and Do Si Do your partner

  1. I think if you just start uploading photos it creates the gallery for you. WP has changed so much since I started blogging here that I can’t remember how I did the first photos! But while you’re writing a blog, there’s a button at the top for “add new media” and if you click on that you’ll get an option to upload. After that it’s all pretty straightforward so just have a play!


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