Every colour of the rainbow and all the rest too…


Isn’t colour just amazing? Black and white, red and green, pink and blue and everything between and beyond…just fabulous!

As humans we’re pretty obsessed with the concept – Picasso had his preoccupation with blue, Chanel had her little black dress and where would Wimbledon be without its purple and green theme?

Ferrari Red, The White House and Dorothy’s yellow brick road… just about every aspect of our lives is intrinsically linked to colour.

The right colour can lighten your mood, can energise and fill you with positivity; the wrong colour can irritate, bring you down and make you sad…and its different for everyone – my happy colours are yellow and purple, whilst my boys love red and blue; mustard yellow irritates my mother something chronic (I had a mustard coloured shirt when I was young and I swear I only got into trouble when I wore it – of course nothing WHATSOEVER to do with me being a pain in the posterior) and my Nan never wore black – the same colours affect different people differently and I just think ‘how amazing is that?!’

I love my garden, with its multitude of colours; this year my hydrangea is bigger and a brighter pink than ever before and the wildflowers my sister gave me are a riot of yellows, blues and purple – that’s even before the cosmos bloom! I am never happier than when surrounded by such a vibrancy of colours.

I therefore find it so hard to imagine a world without colour, or a world where colour doesn’t perhaps have the same energy. Recently, I came across a video that was doing the rounds on Facebook and realised that this is what many people who are colour blind experience.

The video has tinges of regret for those concerned that they had spent the past not seeing the true beauty of colours, but for me it is full of joy as they come to see the world in all its glorious technicolour and reminds those of us, who are lucky enough to already view the world this way, not to take it for granted.

So, I’ll say good evening all, I’m off to sit in my garden…


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