So this is me

I’m just a woman sitting in front of the blogging world asking it to… no not love her, even I can only paraphrase so far!!! Instead I’ll say I’m asking it to share its wonders, it’s insights and opinions with me, and in turn I’ll try to add my two penneth of ponderings as well!

All blogs are my own – I can’t spin responsibility onto anyone else…these are my very own random thoughts on life, this beautiful befuddling world and other eclectic thoughts that may pop into my mind from time to time.

I can’t guarantee it’s always going to make a great deal of sense but hopefully there’ll be more lucid moments than not!

I’ve started out on this journey not really knowing where I’m going or what I’m going to find on the way…I’m just going to enjoy the adventure.

I’ve booked into the blogging lodge and found the welcome mat laid out and the door open, beckoning me in. So I’m making myself at home, settling in with the artful placement of throws and cushions. I’ve stacked the logs and added the kindling…soon the fire will be roaring; and as I hunker down in front of it to warm my cockles, I know soon I’ll be roasting my marshmallows with delight.

So thanks for dropping by, the kettles always on and you’re welcome to snuggle into a comfy chair and have a brew whenever you fancy…and whilst you’re here I hope you enjoy a marshmallow or two xx